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Automatic Trashcan

Paul K

     The past few weeks I've gotten the opportunity to outfit my new townhouse with some cool tech products. Among them was something that normally wouldn't be very exciting, a trash can. Now you can go out and get your run of the mill trash can, and it would work just fine for what you need it to do, or you can spend a little bit more and pick up an automatic trash can. Just from the title of this page, I'm guessing you already know what I did.

     Now what makes an automatic trash can different than a regular trash can? Well the main selling point is the fact that the automatic trash can has sensors in it that detect movement and tell the lid to open. Think of the soap dispensers in a bathroom, you put your hand under it and soap comes out. This is the same thing except in trash can version (and no soap). Now some automatic trash cans will try to win your business by having things like air odor control systems or filters. These could be nice to have, but I've never had a trash can smell bad when the lid is closed. Reading the reviews on the trash cans that did have odor control systems, it didn't seem like they were worthwhile. There are a lot of cons and only one marginal pro. Taking into account all of this, I went with a simple automatic trash can with no odor control system.


  1. Cleaner Air (Can still smell trash with lid open)


  1. Filters need to be purchased and stocked

  2. Possible to circulate smelly air when you don't replace a used filter in time

  3. Batteries need to be replaced more often because of air circulation system, or trashcan needs to be plugged in.

     The trashcan that I ended up with is the Ninestars DZT-80-4 Automatic Touchless Trashcan. It is a 21 gallon (80L) automatic opening trash can that is made of 430 stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant. It features a non skid base and a soft close lid. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was just how large this trash can is. I didn't quite grasp how large 21 gallons was when I ordered it so I was a bit surprised. This trash can is monstrous! If you have a small kitchen this isn't the trash can for you, but if you have the space to spare you will love how large this can is. I can now go weeks without emptying the garbage, and even though I didn't opt for a odor control system, I still can't smell it!

     Overall I am very happy with this trash can. The stainless steel finish looks great, and the lid feels sturdy. Just make sure you have three D cell batteries on hand because I didn't and had to run to the store and pick some up! I also found out that 30 gallon bags make it a bit easier to take the trash out, as they are a bit larger than the actual trashcan and are easier to tie shut once you remove it. The automatic opening feature works flawlessly, I have never once had an issue with it not opening. I have even been told it opens a lot faster than comparable automatic trashcans. The fingerprint resistant stainless steel is very easy to keep clean, and stays true to the name as fingerprints are a non issue. If you were on the fence about spending the extra money on one. If you have tried this, or any other automatic trashcan, let me know what you think! 

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