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Paul K

     As the old saying goes, "When it seems too good to be true, it probably is." This is something I soon found out when I purchased a Syma X5SW for next to nothing from the popular Chinese merchandise website: Wish

     The product arrived a month later in a large styrofoam box straight from China, and right away I could tell something was up. It didn't say Syma or X5SW anywhere on the packaging, product, or instructions. The further I dug the worse it got.

     Comparing it to a real Syma X5SW, I began to notice a lot of differences. They started off as small things, like the writing on the top was different, 2.4G rather than Syma 2.4G. Then I realized that the on and off switch was in the wrong place, on the back of the drone when it should be on the bottom next to the camera. Looking at the camera I noticed something else, it had no antenna on it. I downloaded the Syma app and spent a long time searching for the WiFi signal which was nonexistent. This drone has no FPV!

Fake counterfeit Syma X5SW drone quadcopter

     The legs on this drone would not stay on. They slip in little holes on the bottom like the real one, but most of the screw holes were non existent. The few flights that I managed to take with this drone ended in lopsided landings because some of the legs would fall of mid flight. Luckily the screw holes for the propeller guards were actual holes so I didn't have any issues attaching them. However, the propeller guards were sitting on top of the arms, whereas on the real Syma X5SW they sit flush with the tops of the arms. This counterfeit X5SW weighed in at 110 grams which is 10 grams less than the real one should weigh.

Moving on to the controller. The fake buttons and the 2.4G label on the bottom were reversed on the counterfeit. They were both on the wrong side! The trim around the joysticks was black when it should have been silver. The rest of the controller was pretty good. the little screen worked and it used the same size and number of batteries as the real one.

Overall the quality of the drone was very poor. The plastic was easily distorted just by pressing on it, and felt very cheaply made. The quality control was terrible because most of the legs didn't have a hole for the mounting screws. I flew the drone a few times and it actually flew pretty well even with the legs falling off mid flight. It was short lived though because pretty soon after my maiden flight it stopped working. I was lucky enough to get a full refund for the drone, but if you are out there looking for a cheap quadcopter stay far away from the counterfeit Syma's. They are nothing but a very poorly made headache.

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