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Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Paul K

A few weeks back I found myself in a strange situation. I had to use up 10 hours of vacation time otherwise I would forfeit it, so naturally I decided to take a road trip. Leaving early on Thursday and taking Friday off should give me plenty of time to explore somewhere cool. I build a sleeping platform in the back of my Saturn Vue to support a twin air mattress complete with a foam topper and mattress pad, and I started searching the maps looking for somewhere to check out. I thought I had it figured out when my friend proposed the idea of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (I'm going to call it UP for short). He thought it would be cool to check out the Jeep trails that they had up there and drive up to the Keweenaw Rocket Range where NASA tested rockets. My only plan so far was Thursday I was driving to Chicago to pick up some moped parts for a Puch Maxi (More on that later!). However Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all pretty up in the air. I decided that the UP sounded like a great time!

If you've never been to the UP it's a really cool area. Everywhere you look there are beautiful views, and in my opinion it has some of the best trails in the Midwest. We went towards the end of October and most of the trees had already changed colors, but a few trees still had their leaves and were full of color.

We decided to meet in Houghton, Michigan because I would be coming up from Chicago and he would be driving over from St Paul.

This Article is a work in progress. Please return later for an updated version. I probably fell asleep or something

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