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How To Replace SD Card Cover on Nikon D3000

Paul K

The SD card doors on the Nikon D3000 as well as other Nikon Cameras open a very specific way. You need to slide them towards you and then you will be able to swing the door open. However, Nikon doesn't do the best job making it clear how to go about opening the door. Because of this, many people are having issues with the doors breaking off at the pivot point. Luckily for you, I purchased a used Nikon D3000 with a broken SD card door, and created this little tutorial to show you how to do it. If you have a Nikon D5000, D5100, D5200, D3100, D3200 it's probably very similar, and this guide still might be of help. It's not a terribly hard process to do, but if you are worried you might break something, I would recommend sending it into Nikon or a camera repair shop. I also want to point out, that I am not a certified Nikon technician so I am not an expert in the subject. This is supposed to be used more as a reference than anything.

The first thing to do is to find a replacement door. You can get them anywhere you want really, Ebay, Amazon, other online retailers will have them. If you can find a Nikon one, I would go that route. I picked up a $10 one on Ebay and the quality wasn't that great, but at least I have a door covering my SD card Slot now. Enough talk, lets get into it!

1) Find an SD card door to buy. I got mine on Ebay, but they are also available on Amazon as well as other online retailers

2) Next, start by taking out the SD card and removing the screws on the right side of the camera as shown in the picture below.

3) After that is done, remove the two screws on the back of the camera as shown in the pictures. I also removed the rubber viewfinder cover by sliding it up. This gets it out of the way which makes taking the back of the camera off easier.

4) Next, remove the two screws on the left side of the camera.

5) Now you can remove the 4 bottom screws. These screws are very small so be careful not to lose them!

6) You're now ready to pull the back cover off. Be careful not to pull it off too far because it will still be connected to the rest of the camera by a ribbon cable. Start at one side and gradually work your way around the camera.

7) This is what we came here for. You can now remove the old camera door and put the new one in. Make sure it's seated all the way down before you close it back up. The picture on the right it isn't fully seated. I had to go in and widen the holes of the cheap camera door I got before it would fully seat.

8) Once you have the door seated, put the back cover on, and press it into place. Mine clicked in nicely once I made sure all the prongs were in the right place. Then just replace all the screws that you took out. Work backwards through this if you have trouble remembering what all you did. There should be 6 smaller screws. Four of them go on the bottom of the camera, and the other two go inside the SD card door to hold it down. When you put the two inside the SD card door, make sure you have the SD card in place so that they don't fall inside the slot. Here is a picture of the completed product! If you got a cheap door like I did, it may not seat down all the way which is why if I did this again, I would pick up an actual Nikon replacement door. Now go show all your friends how easy it is to do!

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